How to fix Outlook connection problems from your mobile phone

What should you do if you see the ‘Connection error’ while trying to login to your Outlook account through your mobile phone? Many of the users and particularly the amateur or new users find it to be quite a confounding issue. However, most of the experienced users know how simple and easy it is to resolve the issue. But even if you are an experienced user, you may find it difficult to resolve if you have never encountered this issue before and you are unfamiliar with this. However, you do not need to panic. The Outlook support executives are available at your closest reach and you can contact them for getting their support.

Check the internet connectivity
The ‘connection error’ may occur if the internet connectivity is poor or there is no connectivity. Whether you are accessing the internet via Wi-Fi or through mobile data, you should check and ensure that the internet connectivity is perfectly alright. If the issue is occurring due to the poor or no internet connectivity, the issue would get resolved when the connectivity issue is resolved. If you find it difficult to understand the issue and resolve it, you should not hesitate in accessing the technical support from the Outlook experts.

Resolve browser issues
Oftentimes, you get the connection error due to the browser issues. If you are using the old or outdated version of the browser, it is advisable to immediately update it. You can also try to login through any other browsers if you have them in your mobile phone. Sometimes, the caches and cookies also tend to create inconveniences in signing in and you may get the connection error. For this, you can clear the caches and cookies and see if you can login to your Outlook account. In case the problem persists, you should can access the Outlook professionals for support.

Fixing the sync errors
The connection error may occur also due to the syncing issues. You can open the app and check the sync settings and set the things right. Also, you may try to switch off and on your mobile phone and see if you can login to your Outlook account. There is no need to lose the peace of your mind if you are unable to resolve the Outlook connection error. The Outlook customer service professionals are available 24×7 and you can contact them for technical support at any point of time.

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Deal with your frozen Outlook account issue

If your account of Outlook is getting frozen or not working frequently then there may be an underlying issue so don’t ignore it and seek immediate help for the problem.

What should the user do when outlook is not working?

If your outlook has just stopped working, it could be a functioning error so check whether the service of Outlook is down at the Microsoft website. If outlook is now down and your account is still not working then it could be a problem of slow internet connection. Get your Internet connection issue troubleshoot or try using your Outlook from another average speed connection and check if the account is still down. If your outlook account is still not working then it could be the non-archived data that could be halting the speed and performance of your account. Many people complain of outlook not working issue when they have too many profiles linked through the IMAP and POP service of their outlook account. Or sometimes, it is the too many social linking accounts that cause the breakdown. So, always check routinely that the data in your account for outlook is not overflowing and that you categorize all the email and data stored in your account well. Also, check that the social accounts that you have linked to your account for outlook are not causing any performance damage and routinely delete and create new profiles on your IMAP.

Outlook doesn’t only store the emails but it also stores the rest of the data that you put as information in the task manage, calendar etc. so, also, clean that out once it is of no use and update your account with security settings and check for any unusual activity to prevent any hacking related outlook not working issue.

Seeking professional help when the issue doesn’t stop causing damage in Outlook

Even after following the instructions and using the various methods to keep junk and overflowing data under wraps, you haven’t been able to get your account to work then there may be a serious issue. So, first of all, check that you have done all that Outlook tutorials for troubleshooting of not working or account frozen issue suggests. If that doesn’t work, then you can write to Microsoft and inform the professional outlook tech support team of your inconvenience and elaborate the whole situation along with the details regarding your account. This way you will be submitting your account to the official expert team for getting it investigated. If the official outlook account help doesn’t work well or if you want to get quicker help then choosing the service of third parties. The third parties will send their outlook tech support professional and then with the help of the professional, you will be able to get help at your home or office. The problem will be diagnosed and resolved for reasonable charges that you inquire about prior to receiving the service via third-party helpline.

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